16 avril 2008


(Click for full-size pic) Sleevage is a blog/website about music cover art, from the 60s to the last trend. But what's interesting on Sleevage is that they don't stop at showing famous covers. Each article sums up the different versions, the singles, and/or the booklet, depending on the product. For example, check up the Hot Chip LP (see pic above), that offers more than 23 variations of the design.Or the Cassadaga (Bright Eyes) cover, with the "cover decoder" inserted : Or the Menomena... [Lire la suite]
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16 avril 2008

Land of useless (& absolutly necessary)

(click to see full size) Feeling depressed by ugly USB keys ? Always losing those little bits of grey plastic ? BEHOOOOLD... MIMOBOT. On MIMOBOT, you can acquire the bastard kids of USB keys & Artoys,  some kind of arty USB device to show off a work. There's the Star Wars serie, the Happy Tree Friends serie, the Baseman serie, and much more. I think I can't stress this point too strongly : "Mimobots are little friendly data fiends!". Yes, they're your friends. Feeling lonely and desesperate ? Take your... [Lire la suite]
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15 avril 2008

I'm sensing some kind of trend...

On April 22th, Pork & Beans is coming to your ears, followed by an album in June. Weezer is back, and this is the single's sleeve : Which immediatly made me think of Justice's latest video, DVNO. This is a weird trend, mind you. And since I suck at 3D-graphics, I might as well give up graphic design altogether. I could become some kind of backing dancer for blind people, or something.
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15 avril 2008

Chris Ware

While searching for new pictures, I stumbled upon jKaczmarek's portfolio. His work is kind of retro, colorful and sweet. When I came upon this work for "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium", I was delighted : Isn't this Chris Ware-like ? For those who don't know Mr. Ware, be ashamed, and IMMEDIATLY check the Acme Novelty Warehouse, the Acme Novelty Archive, his wikipedia page, go buy Quimby the Mouse, Jimmy Corrigan & Acme, and then come back. (Click to see full size)
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15 avril 2008


344 shows Stefan G. Butcher's collection of commissionned work & personnal projects. But beside his work, check his Daily Monster project. For 100 days, he filmed himself drawing little monsters, one per day, and asked people to come up with back stories for the beasts. The result is a funny recollection of drawings, now available on amazon (book + video).
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14 avril 2008

Oh, that's not obvious enough Rob...

...How about the Beatles? Or fucking... fucking Beethoven? Side one, Track one of the Fifth Symphony... How can someone with no interest in music own a record store? The Top Ten Iconic Album covers voted by fans on MusicMagpie : Yes, it's completly useless.
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14 avril 2008

Font Game

You have 5 minutes to spare, and think you know your fonts? Go to the "Rather Difficult Font Game" by Kari Pätilä and see how many fonts you'll recognize out of the 34 proposed. I did 23 out of 34, which is kind of lame if I confess I earned points on Comic sans MS and Wingdings. Shame on me. It's monday morning though.
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10 avril 2008

Grain Edit

The sentence I've heard too many times about my work : "This looks way too vintage". And then : "You're stuck in your own little world". Ok, so I like pin-ups and vintage typography, and old cigarette ads. This doesn't mean that I can't produce a fine web 2.0 graphism if you ask me to (but frankly, I'd rather not. I mean, come on, reflects and gradations... please don't.) It's not that I lack the technics to do what everybody does today, it's just that I don't wan't to. I chose to do things a certain way, when... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2008

Let's Start Forking

For those of you who did not attend the opening party, my exhibit in collaboration with Georgia is still at the Café Titon, 34 rue Titon, 75011 Paris. There's 14 pictures in different size, the bigger being 1.20m tall. If you're interested into acquiring one for yourself, please check THIS (right-click and "Save As") and contact us.
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09 avril 2008

The future of graphic press

Just this week-end, I was on a car trip with 3 other graphic-oriented people. (Put like that, it sounds like a cult. It's not. We weren't going to a typographic convention or anything. We were heading to the Casino. Yep. We lost.) Out of the 4 of us (pay attention, I said I was with 3 people. So that's 3 + me, equals 4.), so, as I was saying, out of the 4 of us, we were 3 girls. Which lead me to say, out loud, the following sentence : "There should be a graphic magazine just for girls. A Cosmo of graphics"This terrific idea... [Lire la suite]
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