25 avril 2008


The Jazz label BlueNote sure has some amazing covers. Some candy eye on GraphicExchange, and on this japanese website.
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25 avril 2008


Hug a tree today ! Or chop it, whatever. See all serie on WallOut.
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24 avril 2008


It must be some childhood memory, but I still LOVE paper toys. You known, those printed sheets of paper you have to cut out, fold and glue to make some object or character. Well, there is a place for that. Check the Forum en Papier, the Canon Paper Site, Carlo Giovani's portfolio or this pingmag article... and have fun.
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24 avril 2008

Type Robots

Cute typographical robots on Jonathon Yule's website. He also does a range of t-shirt, some illustrations and other things.
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24 avril 2008

Saul Bass

A nice Flickr set on a Saul Bass exhibition in 2004  (Via GrainEdit). While we're on the subject, take a look at this website, there's a bunch of Saul Bass' movie introductions, like Vertigo, The Man with the Golden Arm, or West Side Story.
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23 avril 2008

Smoke Up

Camel has a new design for the american packs (I don't know if this is gonna be in France as well). This is a good occasion to go to CamelCollector and browse through the numerous pack design.
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23 avril 2008

Let's talk Pack

  Packaging is a very interesting area of design. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd do mock-up packs all day long. I mean, it's great : you combine the print work (pics, type and whatever)  AND the volume work to make a product. Possibilities are infinite. The only better thing I can think of are pop-up books, who combine pack AND book. Ultimate. (All pics via TheDieline, pop-up book by Neiman Marcus)
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22 avril 2008


A nice screensaver, completly typographic and customizable. Download it on Simon Heys' website.
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20 avril 2008

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16 avril 2008


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