22 mai 2008


Groovision is a japanese graphic studio. Their website is very nice and interactive, even though some works are a bit obscure to me, but maybe that's just because I can't read kanjis.
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22 mai 2008

Give me 5

Element 5.0 is an english design studio with some nice stuff in their portfolio
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22 mai 2008

Brand new

Brand New is a blog on corporate & brand identity work. In a nutshell, this guys watch out for new logotypes and write detailled papers explaining why it's a succes or a shame. Interesting stuff to see.(Pic upside is a logo mashup by Mario Amaya, but Brand New is about real logotypes)
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22 mai 2008


I know, it's been a while. Shame on me, blah blah. This is a limited poster edition by Peter & Wendy, available on their website. A funny use of font names. 
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29 avril 2008

George Louis

Is that a bird ? Is it a plane ? No, it's George Lois !This guy is a legend. Maybe you remember his Esquire covers, or the MTV ad, or the Art of Advertising book... He's the guy that helped create VH1 (god bless him), he created the NewYorkSupplement for the Herald Tribune, and even did a music video for Bob Dylan. This guy is pop culture and generation X all by himself. Tadaaaaa. (Via SellSell!)
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29 avril 2008


Experimenta is a design studio from New Zealand which works mostly for galleries, museums, art & music in general. Nice typographic work, very minimalist point of view. Via SeptemberIndustry
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29 avril 2008


For those who have met me, this will look familiar. Pocky is the equivalent of the french biscuit Mikado. Via TheDieLine
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29 avril 2008

Paper (bis)

You've probably noticed the new Orange Origami ad, on tv or in the tube.   Well, check up Peter Callensen's portfolio. This guy is really frightening. In a good way.
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25 avril 2008

Fun Music

                You may have noticed that I have a certain interest towards music design. Or, as St Martins puts it, "Designing for the Music Industry".
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25 avril 2008

More Pack

Via TheDieLine & GraphicExchange.
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