30 mai 2008

Call Me

New business cards. I only printed the magenta, cyan and yellow ones, 8 of each. Everybody took the cyan ones and now I have a bunch of yellow cards and a few magenta left. Why don't you like yellow ? Yellow is mellow, it's sunshine, it's eggs and bacon, it's spongebob !
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30 mai 2008


Via SeptemberIndustry
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30 mai 2008

End of May...

(via Ffffound) Actually, I don't PRETEND to work. I want to work, I like my current project, and I have the motivation for it. But stuff always get in the way. Like the 50 minute waiting line at the Post Office. Or the essential quest for Post-Its. Or the fundamental 3 hours spent surfing for graphic blogs. Or the immediate need for some cookies and the supermarket raiding following it. Or the fifth clothes change of the day (I though it was chilly, but actually the weather has turned to almost-sunny, so I can't wear my... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2008


              Nice illustration-girly-blog :  Penelope Jolicoeur. For those of you (lucky people) who know me, you might find it very much like my own life. Maybe I'm not so special & unique after all, even though I though I was. But the good part is, apparently, my life (and Penelope's) is very funny.
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