(via Ffffound)

Actually, I don't PRETEND to work. I want to work, I like my current project, and I have the motivation for it. But stuff always get in the way. Like the 50 minute waiting line at the Post Office. Or the essential quest for Post-Its. Or the fundamental 3 hours spent surfing for graphic blogs. Or the immediate need for some cookies and the supermarket raiding following it. Or the fifth clothes change of the day (I though it was chilly, but actually the weather has turned to almost-sunny, so I can't wear my long-sleeved sweater-dress anymore, you see).
So I haven't worked much today, but I now have : numerous funny shaped post-its, a new notebook, a new set of pens, a couple of new blogs in my bookmarks, a friend's business card, 11 giant pictures in my bedroom, lots of cash, and a headache.

Graphic design is not for weak people.