15 avril 2008

I'm sensing some kind of trend...

On April 22th, Pork & Beans is coming to your ears, followed by an album in June. Weezer is back, and this is the single's sleeve : Which immediatly made me think of Justice's latest video, DVNO. This is a weird trend, mind you. And since I suck at 3D-graphics, I might as well give up graphic design altogether. I could become some kind of backing dancer for blind people, or something.
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15 avril 2008

Chris Ware

While searching for new pictures, I stumbled upon jKaczmarek's portfolio. His work is kind of retro, colorful and sweet. When I came upon this work for "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium", I was delighted : Isn't this Chris Ware-like ? For those who don't know Mr. Ware, be ashamed, and IMMEDIATLY check the Acme Novelty Warehouse, the Acme Novelty Archive, his wikipedia page, go buy Quimby the Mouse, Jimmy Corrigan & Acme, and then come back. (Click to see full size)
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15 avril 2008


344 shows Stefan G. Butcher's collection of commissionned work & personnal projects. But beside his work, check his Daily Monster project. For 100 days, he filmed himself drawing little monsters, one per day, and asked people to come up with back stories for the beasts. The result is a funny recollection of drawings, now available on amazon (book + video).
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