The sentence I've heard too many times about my work : "This looks way too vintage". And then : "You're stuck in your own little world". Ok, so I like pin-ups and vintage typography, and old cigarette ads. This doesn't mean that I can't produce a fine web 2.0 graphism if you ask me to (but frankly, I'd rather not. I mean, come on, reflects and gradations... please don't.) It's not that I lack the technics to do what everybody does today, it's just that I don't wan't to. I chose to do things a certain way, when nobody puts limits to the work I have to do. And at school, appart from the brief (Which, by the last year is always something like : "Create a book cover" or "Do whatever you want on a brochure") we have no limits. So I did what I liked. Had they told me "Do a minimalist muji-like cover", I would have.
Anyhow, I'm not here to argue about my obsession of the 50s, but to offer you a nice link to look up.
Grain Edit is a daily updated blog about "inspiration from Vintage kids books + rare graphic design books". See that ? Inspiration from vintage books. This website offers tons and tons of visuals from the 50s/70s era AND "contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period". Yes. There ARE other people like me. Monomaniacs. Thank god.


For the vintage weirdos out there, there's also a bunch of Flickr sets, like this 50s/70s advertising set, this packaging set. Also check out The Serif, there's some nice work there.