Just this week-end, I was on a car trip with 3 other graphic-oriented people. (Put like that, it sounds like a cult. It's not. We weren't going to a typographic convention or anything. We were heading to the Casino. Yep. We lost.) Out of the 4 of us (pay attention, I said I was with 3 people. So that's 3 + me, equals 4.), so, as I was saying, out of the 4 of us, we were 3 girls. Which lead me to say, out loud, the following sentence :
"There should be a graphic magazine just for girls. A Cosmo of graphics"
This terrific idea was received with laughter. But I'm still PERSUADED it's a million-dollar idea. Can't you just picture it ?




Ok, just kidding. BUT. I STILL think a magazine that would offer me graphic news, everyday stories and picture of pretty boys would be a huge selling. If they added a music section, I would sell my arms to buy it.