It may be a disease. Or a deep-rooted obsession I could track back to the funny kid's books my parents bought me. Anyhow, I suffer from severe graphicbookbuyingmania. Which is a good thing, since I'm a graphic student. But still, it's kind of worrying. More disturbing is the fact that I'm also monomaniac : if I like a book edited in a certain collection, I'm very likely to buy every single book of the collection.

So, here are my latest compulsive buys :


Those are Pyramid books, and this is the "Les essentiels" collection. So, you see, I had litterally no choice. It's ESSENTIAL. Plus, they're amazing. Clear, interesting, visually challenging, with different papers and cut-outs and folds and... Please don't judge me.



Those are Rotovision books, and this is the Art collection. See ? Art. Not just "graphic design", or "nice presentation" or "pretty book cover". Art. Ok, some stuff in those books aren't art, just good (or bad, even) graphic design. But still, it's flattering. And there are some very good works in there. Creative, original, amazing. Plus  the books not only show nice graphism, they offer interviews of designers, and some quality articles. (You can check out extracts here and here)
The books of the Art collection are all written by Charlotte Rivers, which led me to mistake her for Charlotte Field, co-author of design books already in my library, such as 1000 chairs, 1000 lights, Graphic Design for the 21st Century, Design Industriel A-Z... all edited by Taschen.  So I guess being called Charlotte is a good start if you want to be a designer.