Considering that my last entry on OOKAH - Go comb your hair  was on December 25th, I though it was time to start all over again. Plus, there's a two major reasons why I won't continue on the old photo blog :

- It was old. (No, really?) I mean, old graphics, old navigation, old stuff...
- It was a photoblog. (Are you starting to see a pattern here?). Which meant, hours uploading pictures of people eating Cheerios, and almost no texts, except for the last few entries.

Plus, let's face it, Facebook has considerably simplified picture upload for me. (No, they don't pay me to say that. It's a fact. Even though they probably scan my pics to see what brand of beer I'm more likely to buy based on my clothes) So, to sum up, I didn't see the point of a photoblog anymore.

BUT. I do like sharing pictures, graphics, and stuff from all over the net. And my (fascinating) life.
SO. Here comes version 2 ! Graphic updates, eye candy, funny stories, pretty pics, gore kawaï, pin-up extravaganza, emo blog, biiip fest, typography obsession, ...


PS. The old is still up, if you're feeling nostalgic and wanna shuffle through the 2000-something pictures, just go here